Addressing presbyopia in the field of ophthalmology, with an anti-aging mindset in order to treat the gradual loss of visual accommodation.



Developing a non-invasive solution for interested presbyopic patients seeking to keep their quality of life through the compensation of visual accommodation decay. Our promise, unlike any other existing surgical solution, is to delay the need for reading glasses without compromising the patient’s quality of vision.


Potential to become the next generation standard of care in personalized ophthalmic anti-aging medicine.




Presbyopia is the progressive decay of visual accommodation with age. It appears as soon as individuals start struggling with their near sight.

Existing solutions

Midlifers have a basic solution, reading glasses, against presbyopia symptoms

  • Midlifers are often not ready for this ageing symbol
  • The first pair of glasses is considered as a true impairment
  • Contact lenses and progressive spectacles are coming with drawbacks too
  • Midlifers are fully aware of anti-aging procedures to look as young as they feel

eye surgery

Presbyopes are looking for alternatives to reading glasses, mostly heavy surgeries are available and provide only optical correction.

eye surgery

Current surgical options are invasive and associated with visual compromises.




Dim light altered acuity

Dim light altered acuity

We focus on anti-aging laser treatments to maintain enough visual accommodation

Accommodation amplitude is decreasing continuously from birth down to spectacles dependency.

Our customized treatments are to treat the root cause of presbyopia through serial non-invasive procedures from early presbyopia and until cataract develops to keep actual accommodation amplitude always above this “red zone”.

early treatments

Our toolbox

3D parametric eye model

First and proprietary full eye parametric 3D model combined with multi-physics numerical modeling to compute full eye normal optical and mechanical behavior and also any disorder consecutive to eye disease.

Non-Invasive Treatment

Through the power of its parametric eye model, Kejako research process lead to one major innovation at crystalline lens level: breakthrough restoration of accommodation amplitude by Phakorestoration

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