Our company

Our startup

Kejako SA is a privately held company founded in March 2015 and based in Geneva, Switzerland. Our venture supported by Switzerland (Geneva startup incubator FONGIT & CTI coaching process).


We address presbyopia in the field of ophthalmology with a breakthrough approach combining simulation and minimally invasive treatment: all-in-one solution.

Our strategy

Kejako is focused on its two core competencies: computational modeling and medical devices development. The strategy was to step back from actual paradigm of presbyopia treatment by starting an extended scientific research, establishing the current state of the art, and analyzing and uploading all our know-how in our internal database. Using this knowledge we built a full eye Multiphysics 3D model, which takes into consideration mechanics, fluidics and optics. We have imbedded in our Multiphysics model, all necessary stakeholders in order to simulate visual accommodation, explain the root causes of the occurrence of presbyopia and to test any potential solution.

This computational modeling is the heart of our medical device development, as well, enables in-silico validation before going to any clinical trial. After extensive brainstorming, the list of potential solutions has been reduced to a short list.

Thanks to our model, we reached the in-silico proof of concept of the treatment and consequently we decided to develop the concept of Phakorestoration.

Our team

Very talented team experienced in medical devices, developments and investments.

David Enfrun

Co-founder and CEO

Mechanical engineer

(Arts et Métiers ParisTech)

15 years of experience in Medtech start-ups and SME’s

Gilles Bos

Co-Founder, chairman and lender.

successful serial Medtech entrepreneur.

Actives roles in board of directors and VC activities

Antonio Gambardella

Administrator & Fongit Director.
managed incubator activities and direct investments in innovative SME’s

Aurélien Maurer

Bio & Mechanical engineer

(ESPCI & Arts et Métiers ParisTech)

Extensive skills in Finite Element Modelling and conception

Charles-Olivier Zuber

Biomechanical PhD student (HES-SO-Geneva, Rostock University-Germany).

Extensive skills in biomechanics applied to ophthalmology

Top-notch Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. Rudolf Guthoff, Prof. MD

Prof. Philippe Gain

Dr. Vét. PF Isard

Dr. Michael Assouline, MD PhD

Dr. Med. Christian de Courten

Represented by Mario Carta

Strong partnerships

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