Our Solution

To restore the age-related loss of accommodation, Kejako proposes the Phakorestoration, a unique combination of two tools:

This synergy provides every patient with a personalized treatment, aiming at giving enough visual accommodation with no compromise for daily activities.

Phakorestoration is compatible with other ophthalmic procedure you did before, like myopia laser surgery for instance. It has already proven its ability to treat the root causes of presbyopia and we are now starting in-vivo trials.

Phakorestoration is the game changer for near vision of midlifers and you can be part of this breakthrough venture.

Advanced Eye Model

A proprietary, validated and awarded full eye optomechanical simulation model of the human eye, able to morph to any patient biometry from standard imaging. It can simulate the accommodative capacities, retrieve the optical and mechanical material properties, and evaluate the outcome and effect of a surgery. Learn more.

“No-cut” laser procedure

Without any incision, unlike corneal or IOL surgery, our treatment focuses extremely brief laser pulses in the crystalline lens to restore its ability to deform and focus. The laser targets the root cause of the lens age related stiffening, without any impact on the lens transparency.

Phakorestoration, the personalized solution to get rid of reading glasses

Thanks to our proprietary model, our laser treatment is computed and optimized for each patient biometry. Delivering the right amount of energy in the optimal volume of the lens will allow enough accommodative amplitude with the minimal amount of invasiveness.

That’s the Phakorestoration.  

How much diopter do I need?

Emmetropic presbyopes (actual good distance vision without glasses) are aiming for at least 1.5D for their daily lives activities such as reading, using smartphone or tablet, driving, writing, drawing, etc…

In 2016 the global market for ophthalmologic procedures was estimated at € 3.7 bn.The projected population of presbyopes is expected to reach 2.3bn in 2023.

What’s the difference with existing solutions ?

Current surgeries of presbyopia to get rid of reading glasses or contact lenses have multiple drawbacks.

They generally consists in a static optical correction (Presbylasik, monofocal implants) sometimes multifocal. They are irreversible, invasive and result in visual compromises.

The Phakorestoration is not an optical but mechanical correction that restore the true natural lens accommodation capacities to a comfortable point, bringing your vision back as in younger days.

A breakthrough approach to presbyopia combining a personalized 3D simulation and a no-cut treatment, all-in-one solution, addressing a clear unmet need in a patient-pay significant market.

Let’s keep lens extraction and implants for the cataract days.


Current surgeries come with many optical side effects such as Halos, Glare, poor acuity in dim light and compromised multi-distance vision.

Is it for me ?

You may be myopic, hyperopic or astigmatic, and have already undergo a corneal laser surgery in the past. This will not change the fact that your crystalline lens still ages, stiffens and will not be able to accommodate at a certain point. The Phakorestoration can be performed regardless of these previous surgeries.

Phakorestoration is a personalized surgery, tuned to your biometry and predictable thanks to numerical simulation.

You can look as young as you feel.

Presbyopia, why ?

Presbyopia occurs as the crystalline lens continuously ages. Its mechanical properties, dimensions and structure evolve in a less deformable lens with years.

As it cannot deform and change its shape, it cannot also accommodate on near objects anymore. That’s why Phakorestoration focuses on the the root causes unlike other solutions which are treating the symptoms instead.


Phakorestoration advances

From in-sillico concept of treatment thanks to our advanced simulation, we have already achieved ex-vivo proof of concept with an increase of the initial available amplitude of accommodation of more than 1.5D. Lens undergoing the treatment have shown +30% increase in deformability. Next steps ongoing : safety and in-vivo trials.


Kejako develops the next major advance in presbyopia treatment, thanks to its unique IP and simulation skills that allow a science fact-based understanding of the vision aging process.

You believe in the future of presbyopia, you want to join this scientific journey, invest or be a partner ? Contact us.