Our solution

Let’s start with our toolbox. We’ll explain Phakorestoration below.

Tool #1

3D parametric eye model

First and proprietary full eye 3D parametric model. Combined with multi-physics numerical modeling to compute the full eye’s normal optical and mechanical behavior, as well as resulting impacts due to a specific eye disease.

This model has been built first for research and development purposes as a powerful tool for understanding, experimentation and numerical proof of concept of potential solutions. This could already be useful for other non-competing ophthalmic companies which would like to make a 3 years development jump ahead by using the power of our model together with our simulation skills on a research service basis.

Eventually it will be used to optimize each patient’s treatment, enabling to plan and control the corresponding customized procedure.

This model has already been calibrated for the visual accommodation analysis and presbyopia simulation which will be the exclusive use of Kejako. Other potential applications for this model may be investigated on demand.

Tool #2

Non-Invasive Treatment

Leverageing the power of its parametric eye model, Kejako’s research process has lead to a major innovation at the crystalline lens level: a breakthrough restoration of the visual accommodation amplitude by Phakorestoration which will become a quantum leap in Lentotomy technology. Through the application of a specific spatial pattern and appropriate settings of laser energy, which are customized for each patient.

It will induce new optical and mechanical properties in the lens to restore natural lens functions, without inducing cataracts, to provide enough effective dynamic visual accommodation unlike existing basic optical static correction.

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